Complimentary Active Directory Risk Review

Are you Ready To Get Instant Visibility Into Your Active Directory?

Set up a complimentary Active Directory (AD) risk review and STOP identity-based threats today.

Complimentary AD Risk Review

  • Shutdown security gaps: Get instant visibility into your AD hygiene and potentially compromised credentials.
  • Light up potential risks: Receive insights into possible identity-based attack paths that adversaries can exploit with expert advice on how to address them.
  • Get proactive: Understand how to protect your organization from modern identity-based attacks like ransomware, lateral movement, service account misuse and more - before they happen.

What previous AD Risk Reviews resulted in...

  • A financial services organization with hundreds of accounts that had not been used for years and never disabled.
  • A consumer technology company with 13 over-permissioned accounts with domain admin rights for the past 19 months.
  • "The AD risk review was an eye-opener. It was incredibly helpful to have automated insights pointing us to our largest risks."